Past, Present and Future - July 6 - 29, 2017

Featuring: LD Herman, Pam Matthiesen and Robert Matthiesen

The Past, Present and Future exhibition is a collection of nontextual artwork created by LD Herman, Pam Matthiesen and Robert Matthiesen. As artists, we each approach our work from unique perspectives exploring various techniques to express ourselves. Inspired, in large part, by family stories, heirlooms, occupations, and artifacts. These art pieces together create a scrapbook of the artistic journey.

For this exhibition, each artist has looked to the past to serve as a foundation for the creative process. Examples of this method can be seen in several of LD’s landscapes that were inspired after revisiting a sketchbook created in the late 60s. Many of Pam’s floral work is reminiscent of a walk through her grandmother’s gardens. While Robert’s furniture is a tribute to early traditions in global craftsmanship.

Interweaving the creative process with our daily activities reflects the Present phase of this exhibition. For LD, this involves rising to the challenges of plein air, actually creating many pieces on location rather than in the studio. Meeting the hectic demands of a recent graduate, Robert creates mini “meditation” paintings as others might journal. Believing that art is always present, we strive to experience creative moments.

Like the three planes in the large aviation painting, we are three artists flying into the future. Building our history through material and process, our method investigates and reflects connections and bonds – past, present and future.