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Misc. Forms & Applications

Franchise Fee Rebate Application

Building Permit Forms & Information

The City of Merriam has adopted the 2012 building and fire codes. To allow time for builders, contractors, and design professionals to adapt to the new changes, the 2012 building and fire codes will go into effect beginning January 1, 2015. For more information about the 2012 codes and changes from previous requirements, click here.

Building Permit Application
Building Permit Fee Schedule
Credit Card Payment Form

Zoning Forms & Information

Application Guidelines for Rezoning, Conditional Use, and Special Use Permits
Application Guidelines to the Board of Structural Appeals
Application Guidelines for Variance or Appeals to the Board of Zoning Appeals
Zoning Letter or Certification Application
Re-Zoning Guidelines & Application
Lot Split Application
Site Development Plan Guidelines & Application
Platting Application
Planned Unit Development Guidelines, Checklist & Application
Application for Petition to Vacate
Special Use Application and Guidelines
Conditional Use - Home Office Guidelines & Application
Conditional Use - Home Occupational License Guidelines & Application

Business Licenses & Forms

Occupational License Application
Application for Massage Therapist License
Application for Massage Therapy Business License
Sign Permit Application
Temporary Sign or Banner Application

Landlord Licenses & Inspection Information

Residential Landlord/Rental Occupational License Application
Inspection Information for Landlords